Are Reduced Visits for Prenatal Care Really Beneficial to the Patient?

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For an expecting mother, the pregnancy journey can be both exciting and scary. Each of the doctors visits provides some level of comfort and reassurance that everything is alright. From the doctor’s prospective, prenatal care is very resource intensive which is marked by frequent office visits with their patients. So it is clear to see their motivation in reducing the amount of visits but how does this really affect the expecting mother?

Several studies have demonstrated that “reduced prenatal visits show no difference of outcomes in low risk pregnancies, yet are subject to decreased patient satisfaction.” Jillian Manus, Managing Partner of Structure Capital, has stated that “I’ve been pregnant four times. The thought is you worry every time. You actually look forward to going to the doctor. I would think personally, if a doctor were to say to me, “Listen, I’m going to give you this kit, I’m only going to see you half of the time, this will take care of the rest of it,” I would have a problem with that.” So what is the real reason that the doctor would want to see the patient less?

On average, outpatient prenatal care cost insurance companies $1,164.66 per patient. If the doctor can modify his visit schedule, “the cost for a low risk pregnancy is reduced to $665.52.” That is a savings of $499.14 per pregnancy added to the practice’s bottom-line at the cost of the patient’s overall satisfaction. That’s a win-lose situation.

How can we make this a win-win for both the practice and their patients? We at Jollitot have a solution that allows the doctor’s practice to increase it’s top-line growth while also improving patient satisfaction. Our product, OB Connect, was specifically built for obstetricians and allows them to be better doctors while decreasing their practice’s office visit cycle times. We have done the same for pediatricians with our product Pedia Connect.

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