Can smoking be OK during pregnancy?

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Most would agree that smoking during pregnancy is something you just don’t do. So it is shocking to hear that in the U.S. “up to 15% of pregnant women report smoking.” That is over one million pregnant women each year who choose to continue to smoke the duration of their pregnancy. “Abundant research findings indicate that tobacco use during pregnancy is related to adverse, yet preventable, health effects for both the mother and her baby. Such effects include reduced fertility, increased complications during pregnancy, low birth weight, birth defects, and long-term negative impacts on children’s cognitive and behavioral functioning.”

So who is choosing to smoke during their pregnancy? It has been found that this is linked to several factors. For example, “pregnant women who smoke are more likely to be younger ages, non-Hispanic, and not married and of lower socioeconomic status, including lower income and education levels.” This is also more common among pregnant women who lack health insurance and prenatal care.

There is also a link between tobacco use during pregnancy and mental health. As many as “30% of pregnant women experience depression” and “40% of those reported using tobacco”. This is a major concern in public health as “mental issues can have similar negative effects for both of the mother and her baby, including increased complications during pregnancy, low birth weight, birth defects, and long-term negative impacts on children’s cognitive and behavioral functioning.”

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  • Hasen Usman says:

    Smoking tobacco is stimulant, so is smoking marijuana. Smoking tobacco is addictive, so is smoking marijuana. Smoking tobacco produces smoke, so is smoking marijuana. Smoke from tobacco turn to tare, so does smoke from marijuana. It is well reported that tare from tobacco is carcinogens blamed to cause lung cancer which is responsible for death of millions of people in the world. What’s abut the tare from smoking marijuana? Is the smoke from marijuana free of carcinogenic properties? Is our nation saving this issue for later days arguments for political games.

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