Webinar: CPT Codes for Remote Patient Monitoring (Q&A)

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Convenient Questions and Answers Timestamp below:

00:00 – Which private payers are covering RPM?

00:32 – Where did we get the amounts that are reimbursable for each service?

02:20 – For CPT code 99454, what constitutes a device?

03:54 – Does 99457 require a phone or video interaction? Will email or text communication qualify as well?

05:05 – Do personal ECG devices (i.e. Apple Watch) qualify for RPM codes?

06:24 – Can you clarify again who the qualified healthcare professionals are?

07:39 – Is it every additional 20-minutes or just a one-time additional 20-minutes that would qualify for 99458?

08:14 – What about a patient co-pay?

10:41 – The device supply may exceed $65, are there additional reimbursement routes for device companies specifically for RPM devices?

12:29 – For code 99457, why was the billing frequency chosen for 30 days? What if patients need to interact with their physician regarding treatment concerns more frequently than only once in a calendar month?

13:42 – Do all codes required at least 16 days of service?

14:46 – Would patient reported symptoms qualify as physiological data? Has CMS said anything about that?

15:46 – What qualifies as a device for as far as RPM codes go?

19:37 – How do we track the timing and document for 99457 and 99458?

21:32 – Is there a number of specific reading or measurements that are required each month to qualify for submission?

21:49 – How do you see these codes evolving over the next few years?

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