New Bill Would Mandate Research on Telehealth Regulations

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Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Illinois, said she introduced the legislation in hopes of gathering data to support post-pandemic continuation of relaxed CMS rules around telemedicine.

The moves by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to relax regulations around telehealth have been lauded by providers and patients around the country. But after the danger from the coronavirus has passed, some fear that the agency will reinstate those regulations, making telehealth less accessible for those who need it. 

Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Illinois, introduced a bill yesterday that would mandate a study on the effects of telehealth changes on Medicare and Medicaid during the COVID-19 crisis.

The “Evaluating Disparities and Outcomes of Telehealth During the COVID-19 Emergency Act of 2020” would require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct a study within a year of the end of the emergency period summarizing healthcare utilization patterns during the coronavirus. 

Kelly said she introduced the bill after hearing stories from providers from her district and around the country about the availability of telehealth effect on patient attendance. 

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