Patients Have Positive Telehealth Experiences – But Things Could Be Better

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A recent survey found that three-quarters of patients said they were very or completely satisfied with the virtual care they'd received, but many left the visit without understanding the next steps.

Three-quarters of patients who obtained healthcare virtually during the pandemic said they want it to be a standard part of care in the future. The result lends weight to the ongoing conversation around telehealth. 

A Kyruus survey of 1,000 patients found that more than 75% said they were very or completely satisfied with the virtual care they’d received, and 96% said it was somewhat, very or extremely easy to arrange a visit.

However, a majority also said they left the visit without knowing what the next steps were – suggesting that providers still have a role to play in follow-up care.

“There is a big opportunity to improve care coordination and drive patient retention by building processes that better close the loop with patients and, in turn, not only promote follow-through, but also keep them coming back in the future,” wrote authors of the report accompanying the survey results.

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